Merry Christmas

Memphis, TN

desperately seeking intern

I'm looking for an intern one or two days a week, please email me if interested....

beginning to look a lot like...

ever step on an elf's shoe? Me neither but I really want to... I really want to.

my new favorite joke

Q: What's brown and sticky?

A: A stick

Happy Halloween

and I don't care if it was ten days ago!
Great photo-comic site....

Election Day*

Don't forget to vote!

Westside Yo!

Two scary Joes

Burger anger

I have been busy shooting some personal work and here is the latest photo - Anger. The model's motivation was that he burned his hamburger and is very angry at the burger. It was a lot of fun, so much so that I have included a "behind the scenes" video...

Special thanks to Dale the producer and videographer.

The King...

Happy 4th!

website update

My website has been updated. Some images were added and some taken away, others were moved to the archive. The basic layout is still the same although the categories have changed. There will be another update coming in four to five weeks so stay tuned...


So yeah I admit it, I'm one of those jerks on the airplane taking pictures out of the window. Maybe I have annoyed you with the incessant shutter clicking or possibly blinded you by opening the shade during the in-flight movie. I just can't help myself.
I'm putting together a new series of "cloudscapes" and here is the first. I'll have them printed large, maybe 30 x 40.
I wonder if this has been done before...hmmm?..:)

sunny LA

baby robins

I shoot people for money

90% of my commercial work is photographing people, even in my personal work humans are the dominant subject. Don't get me wrong, shooting people is my thing, it's what I do and I love it but sometimes it's nice to do the opposite. I have been working on two personal projects (among others) for the past year, one on Champagne and the Champagne region of France and the other on trees. Essentially landscape, architecture and interiors. The tree project has overlapped with another, "symmetry". This is the most recent piece.

blue room



While waiting for a flight in L.A. I was entertaining myself by taking some photos. Here are two photographs of the same scene but with a different lens/treatment, which do you prefer?

baby on 10th Ave.


Joe and I just returned from several days of tavel photographing an assignment. Wisconsin was the first stop.
While there I found a great deal on this phat GT....

err... ummm

This is Joe my assistant. He is not insane although this photo may make you think otherwise.

spooky forest

A new image from my tree series...


One image from a recent test...

The gambler...

From a recent shoot with Chidi Nobi. I worked with a fantastic stylist on this and she really captured the theme of the hip hop gambler. This is part of a new series that I am working on, the "seven deadly sins", this is of course "greed". Yeah, I know the seven sins thing has been done before but hey, what hasn't been done before?! It's been a fun project thus far. We just shot lust last week (be patient it's coming) so there are five sins to go!

A few more...

Blog, what blog....

It has been about a month since I posted last... a busy month to say the least.
It's been nonstop shooting for the past few weeks. When not working on assignments I have been testing, here is an imge from a recent test. Much more to come - stay tuned....

Blizzard '06

NYC received a bit of snow over the weekend, blizzard of '06. I've seen worse, back in my day...
Being snowed-in gave me a reason to catch up on scanning; I have a show coming up which includes some older work shot on film. It reminds me of how much I love digital photography!
I really need to deal with my boxes of film, thousands of rolls take up a lot of space. The "long term" plan is to go through all of it, scan select images and send it off to storage. A daunting task, I think I need an intern :)


Go Joe

Happy birthday to Joe! An excellent assistant and damn good photographer, check out his blog here.

still here

Just wrapped up a few shoots for BusinessWeek Magazine, definitely one of my favorite clients. Other than that I have been working on production for an ad shoot for a computer maker, hopefully shooting it next week. Production is not the fun side of photography...

New Orleans

Paris was a blur

Several weeks back I was shooting in France for five days and before returning to the states I decided to take an extra day to visit a friend in Paris. I've taken a lot of pictures in Paris and to make it a bit more interesting I decided to only use the lensbaby on the camera (a cheap lens on plastic tube) and here are a few shots...

Website update

Finally, my website has been updated. It has been a while and has been long over due. Now that it is finished I see that there is much more to add, always a work in progress I guess. Here's the link:
If you have visited the site before you will notice that the layout has changed slightly and a few images have been added to the main section. The "other work" section was completely reworked using flash.

This is a photograph that I recently finished of a seascape taken in Florida...


I have my own blog. I never thought this would happen but here it is!
Don't expect too much, I'm a photographer not a writer so my posts will predominently be of photographs with the occasional self-centered paragraph or two. I thought it might be fun to post my snapshots - photos that I have no professional use for, photos made just for the sake of making them. Maybe I'll post some images of of my personal projects and works in progress - we'll see how it goes. In the end, this is intended as a place to connect and share.