The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner

The news is out! If you are a Twilight fan you surely know already, Stephanie Meyer's new book was announced today and will be available on June 5th. The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, a 192-page novella centered on a newborn vampire introduced in the third Twilight novel, Eclipse. 
The best part... I shot the cover!
official press release

Wang Newton, Coverboy.

An image that I shot of Wang Newton, aka Mei-yann on the cover of The Stranger...
Yeah, that's right, Mei-yann is a girl. Wang is her comedic alter ego.

Andy Ofiesh - The Naked Comic

For my continuing series on comedians I photographed Andy Ofiesh, aka The Naked Comic. I think this quote sums it up best... "Once a month, [Andy] does onstage what most of us could only imagine in our worst nightmare: naked stand-up-comedy...What's more astonishing is that Ofiesh has persuaded other performers to try nude stand-up, too, and now hosts "the Naked Comedy Showcase." — Nick Zaino, Boston Globe

Yeah, that's right, not only does he do his act in the buff (he's hilarious by the way), he convinces other comedians to bare all for his shows in Boston and NYC. Here is a link to Andy's website.


I have a bunch of new work to post... whenever I can find the time. Here is an ad we recently shot for Tabasco featuring Mike Golic. I have to admit, Tabasco really is good on pizza. Give it a try!

Here is the commercial that was part of the campaign.

If you want more, visit the Tabasco website.