Happy Halloween!

Prevention Magazine

Shot a feature for August issue of Prevention magazine, “A Perfect Day for your Brain”, a how-to guide to keep your brain sharp and healthy. Here's a link to the story, http://prevention.coverleaf.com/prevention/201108?pg=78#pg78

BrewView, Comedy short

We just finished fun personal project, a seven minute video featuring Sparky Drakonis, a New York based comedian. The story centers around a pair of magical "BrewView" glasses found as a prize in his breakfast cereal box. See what happens in a day in the life of Sparky with his new found ability to get out of almost any predicament.

BrewView from Roger Hagadone on Vimeo.

Two new videos

Here are two new videos that I recently shot. The first is a time lapse comprised of over 1200 still photos and the second, a bit of humor... My team and I have been busy shooting motion and are currently editing a pharmaceutical, a comedy short and a pilot. More to come very soon!

What to Wear?! from Roger Hagadone on Vimeo.

Skinny Jeans from Roger Hagadone on Vimeo.