Blue Man Group

Several months back we shot a series of ads for the Blue Man Group. We shot magazine ads, billboards, posters, buswraps... we covered it all. Here are a couple of the ads and pics of them in their environment, which is a real treat for me because I often do not get to see the final work.

Plus a short behind the scenes vid...

Smokestack video

A stop motion video test that I shot comprised of 200 still images.

Smokestack from Roger Hagadone on Vimeo.

Dirty chair

A friend sent me this earlier... A chair decked out with my Dirty Jobs photo.

Click the image for a larger view....

The tattoist

A bird in hand

From a series of related bird images. I'll post more soon.

Radio boys

Here are two new images from my radio series.

AfterCapture Magazine

AfterCapture Magazine features an article about lil' ol' me this month. My Twilight photograph is on the cover. Click here to read it online....

Behind the Lens: The Dirt on Mike Rowe

PDN included a story about the Dirty Jobs ad in their February issue.

The Dirt on Mike Rowe
Prepare to be grossed out. Makeup artists actually covered Discovery Channel star Mike Rowe with layers upon layers of filth for this "Dirty Jobs" ad. Rowe is the cheerful host of a show about hard-working people who deal with stuff you'd rather not touch....

Click here to read the rest of the story on Photo District News