Took a little vacation to Bermuda recently, here are some pics.
It's a beautiful place.... if you're into that whole pink sand and turquoise water kinda thing...

One weird thing, chickens. They're everywhere running free doing their chicken thing and looking delicious doing it.

 Stumbled upon a dairy farm while walking around. Bessie the cow, not so remarkable...

but check out Bessie's view from behind the fence, not bad.

love this house...

a friendly octopus chillin in the harbor

Breaking Dawn

The big secret is out, the cover of the latest and last novel in the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer is unveiled. This series of books, each a #1 best seller, have done so well that there will be a movie out this December.
Let's admit it, all of this success is due to one thing, the beautiful covers shot by yours truly. :)
But seriously, out of all of the book covers, ads, magazines, etc. that I have photographed, I get more email about these covers than anything. The fans are seriously awesome.

It's kind of sad that this is the last one, it's been fun.

The Twilight Saga


Light, sweet crude... mmmm, yummy

Just the name alone makes me want to consume more. $4.30 per delicious gallon and rising... still less than a beer in NYC.
Maybe one day cars will run on Schlitz.