Failing Up

Check out this month's issue of BusinessWeek SmallBiz, I shot the cover story. We traveled the U.S. and Canada photographing entrepreneurs that turned a business failure into a business success... turning lemons into lemonade. That was part of the assignment, work lemons into each shot and have it reflect each individuals story, personality or philosophy. Here are a few of the shots...

Here is my favorite, Josh and Jordan, two dot-commers that ain't scared of no lemons!

Eva, she fought for the life of her company and now her bowl runneth over... literally.

Roy, after a messy split with his former company he formed his own.

Andy, "morn the loss of a job and then move on."


Krista said... / 11/25/2009 8:34 PM  

These are great shots! They really capture the essence of what the story is about.