Latest Mr. Bricks Movie Poster

Here is the latest poster for Mr. Bricks, I shot the images back in June. World premiere of Mr. Bricks, A Heavy Metal Murder Musical is scheduled for late fall. My buddy Tim Dax is starring in it. Tim is also making a cameo appearance in my upcoming short, BrewView, more on that soon...

Mr. Bricks centers around a drifter named Eugene Hicks, better known on the street as "Bricks." Bricks (played by the inimitable Tim Dax) becomes hopelessly entangled in a bizarre love triangle involving himself, Scarlet (played by Scream Queen Nicola Fiore) a female police officer who is the object of his desire, and Dukes, Scarlet's partner on the police force and the man keeping her away from him. 

Complicating the matter is that while both men have deep feelings for Scarlet, she, in turn, has deep feelings for them, despite the fact that her relationships with each of them are incredibly volatile. With one bullet in his head and an accumulating amount of murder charges, Bricks makes it clear that he will stop at nothing to get to Scarlett and make anyone standing in his path pay with their lives; brick by bloody brick, he'll get his revenge. 

Accompanied by a completely original heavy metal score, composed by the film's writer and director, Travis Campbell, Mr. Bricks is set in the gritty side-streets and other locations in and around Long Island City, New York. It's G.G. Allen meets The Rocky Horror Picture Show!

Here is a teaser vid... warning, it's a scosche violent. :)